Tips To Buy The Right Torque Wrench.

A torque wrench is a handy tool that helps the user to accurately apply the torque or force for tightening or loosening a bolt or nut. These tools are essential instruments for mechanics and DIY enthusiasts who love carrying out repair tasks as well as automotive maintenance work. To cater to the needs of end users, manufacturers provide various types of torque wrenches. As such, choosing the right one is not an easy task. If you are buying this handy instrument for the first time, you may want to take a look at below tips to pick the right tool.

Wrench size

Do you work on very small or extensive projects? What is your comfort level for holding a wrench for an extended period? These are important considerations when shopping for a torque wrench. Never buy a wrong-sized model or the one that is uncomfortable to use. By doing so, you will avert a serious buying blunder.

Check the accuracy

Check the accuracy

Torque wrenches have to be accurate as the tasks where they are going to be used need precision. Remember, wrenches have varying degrees of accuracy. However, the good ones have less than +/- 5 percent accuracy in foot-pounds settings. As a thumb rule, check the certificate of calibration to ascertain the accuracy level of the wrench.


The tool quality is also dependent on the type of materials used in manufacturing. A cheap wrench is made out of some plastic material. While such a tool works fine, it will not last for a long time. It is best to go for the metal torque wrench as it offers better stability as well as durability.


This particular feature is highly convenient to users. Bi-directional ratcheting is handy in tightening left-hand as well as right-hand threads. The bi-directional feature is mostly available in electric and click type wrenches, but beam-type wrenches lack this feature. So note this point when checking different types of wrenches.

Good grip

A torque wrench should provide a good grip as your hands are most likely to be covered in fluid or grease when using the tool. It will be difficult to do the job if the tool slips from your hand. Make sure that the model you are choosing will give a good grip even when your hands are wet.

Be practical

Don’t get allured by fancy wrenches such as LED or digital torque wrenches. Although these models work just fine, it is more practical not to shell too much money on something when you can get a much better model at a lower price. As a thumb rule, buy a durable metal wrench that offers better accuracy, but comes with a lower price tag.

Bottom line

Buying the right torque wrench takes time due to the existence of so many versions of the product. However, it is possible to ease your job and pick the right tool. If you check the above tips when looking for torque wrenches, you will definitely get an ideal wrench for your job.

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